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For the past 12 years in my work as a lawyer and recruiter / headhunter I have been able to examine from very close range how different businesses operate: small and midsized companies, corporate (NV) structures, family owned businesses and private equity. In my current role as recruiter/headhunter I have noticed that the main priority of our clients involves the search for new permanent staff or interim (crisis) management.

Regarding interim management Tailor Made Recruitment can offer the assurance of very experienced managers and executive professionals. People who have gained solid and relevant experience in various sectors acting as Managing Director/CEO, crisis-and turn around manager (CRO’s) or as Financial Director/CFO. With their solid and extensive experience they have been able to solve similar challenges our (current) clients are being faced today with time after time.

However, it often appears that an organization is looking for more expertise in broad terms. For example every restructuring faces several legal challenges (dismissal, arrangement procedures with creditors, etc.). Another example related to financial advisory services: has everything been taken into account concerning IP valuation? In conclusion, our clients want to have all kinds of expertise at hand.

Tailor Made Recruitment offers the solution: a combination of experienced interim professionals / managers AND specialists. The benefit to our clients: all the possible expertise at hand with one single point of contact. Clear and efficient. Flexible and customized, Tailor Made! Please click on this link for a current overview of our Tailor Made Consultancy Partners.

If you are a client and would like to receive more information or to make an appointment, please contact our Managing Partner, Erik Eversdijk:

T: 0031 (0) 641861353

CFO Fromageries Bel: I have been advised to meet Erik by one of his Tailor Made Consultancy partners. Communicating in a clear and direct way, Erik is a good added value in my job search and acts really as a true partner in which he explores a good view

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