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Tailor Made Recruitment is The professional partner who will help you resolve your staffing issues. Key areas in which we operate include Finance, IT and HR Sourcing.

Tailor Made Recruitment recognizes the organizations’ need to have a flexible response to staffing issues. An ambitious organization wants professional help in order to find the perfect staff who will help them to become a successful company. By using a varied recruitment process, Tailor Made Recruitment will assist you and help your company to find an interim professional or a permanent employee.

Talent is our profession. We will take on the search for talent so you have time to continue to focus on the projects and activities that need attention within your organization. This will optimize your growth objectives much more quickly and efficiently.

An effective and efficient organization anticipates quickly and with conviction to changing (market) conditions, preferably without disrupting the focus on the core business. Flexibility is essential. Our professionals provide an important contribution: temporarily or permanent. The management of this flexibility is a profession. Our profession!

Besides the executive search and recruitment of permanent and temporary staff, Tailor Made Recruitment has broadened its scope to offer its clients a wider range of services. In 2013 - from a co-entrepreneurship perspective - the Tailor Made Community was established, which was renamed into Tailor Made Consultancy in Q4 2014. This has led to a full service consultancy organization for the SME & corporate sector. Transparent and efficient with all kinds of expertise shared under one roof with a single point of contact: Tailor Made!

Finance Manager at SABIC: Genuinely dedicated to building a long-term relationship and creating value, he invested considerable time and effort in understanding our organization's needs and identifying suitable candidates

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