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Recruitment process

Tailor Made Recruitment pays great attention to both content and personality to make a perfect match. Our recruitment procedure is well defined and usually follows the phases described below. However, when a client has specific needs or requirements we are flexible in adapting our standard approach into a tailor-made solution.


The (executive) search process at Tailor Made Recruitment usually starts with an in-depth analysis of the current organizational and personnel situation at the company. We only accept an assignment if both parties involved agree on an effective strategy to fulfill the current personnel needs. We start with a profound evaluation of all relevant information. We analyze company and market data, education and experience requirements and additional objective information sources. Moreover, we also pay attention to more subjective/soft criteria which can be of crucial importance in some cases. In addition, we will arrange several interviews with key decision makers in the recruitment process.


After the evaluation and analysis phase, Tailor Made Recruitment will together with the client determine a strategy based on expectation and communication. At the same time we compose a detailed job profile. All functional requirements and necessary personal characteristics will be described in this job profile. After approval from our client, we begin our (executive) search process.


We use several search-methods to identify suitable candidates for our positions:

  • Database Search: we have an extensive database of senior finance professionals. Candidates are screened and selected based on the job description, their background and their competencies;
  • Internet Search and Organizational Mapping: we analyze organizational structures and the labour market (among others via the Internet) on a continuous basis and follow the careers of potential candidates;
  • Advertising Search: we also can use the advertising approach if a client should prefer media exposure (f.e. Lintberg, 100K+ positions). We only advise doing so if there is an additional added value or extra exposure is needed in relation to the specific job requirements;
  • Personal Search: candidates who will contacted by Tailor Made Recruitment, but who are spot by the client;
  • Direct Executive Search: Tailor Made Recruitment approaches executive candidates in a professional, discrete method. This procedure is undertaken carefully and cautiously to ensure the clients reputation is upheld.

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After the search process Tailor Made Recruitment interview a selected group of candidates after the systematic search and source process. We advise our clients in general to set up a long list of candidates with no more than 10 names (preferably shorter) together with an elaborate description of their capabilities, (personal) characteristics and personal motivation by Tailor Made Recruitment why we believe this candidates should be interesting for the job(/organization).

The definitive short list will consist of 3-5 (max.) candidates. We can also offer our clients to use assessments tests if required.


During the process Tailor Made Recruitment will intensively communicate with and report to its client concerning the status of the search process and the selected candidates. Furthermore we coordinate (and can facilitate) the clients complete interview process.


Three to four months after hiring a candidate we will review the entire process with both our client and the candidate.

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